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The CPU case fan is a device that helps manage the temperature of the computer case by drawing hot air out of the case, cooling down the computer, and further reducing the temperature of the CPU.

This fan is essential in keeping your computer running smoothly and preventing damage to the components. The presence of a fan can also be beneficial in terms of power consumption.

By circulating air and keeping elements cool, a fan can help reduce the power needed to keep a laptop running at its average speed.

Case Fan Not Spinning (Causes You Should Know)

A case fan can stop working due to various reasons. Here are some of the most common issues why your case fan might not be working:

1. Incorrect Start-Up

If the case fans on your computer aren’t spinning at startup, it’s likely because there isn’t enough current to make them turn.

You can solve this problem by ensuring your computer is plugged into a power source that can provide enough current to spin the fans.

2. Dirty Fan

The fan may be dirty and not be able to cool down the CPU properly. If the fan is dirty, it can cause the CPU to overheat. Dust, dirt, and other debris get inside the fan casing and prevent it from spinning efficiently.

The fans will start to slow down if you have a dusty case. You can clean the fan by separating it and using compressed air to blow off the dust.

3. BIOS Problem

A noisy fan can indicate a more significant issue, such as a BIOS problem. These can be difficult to solve and often take more time than your average hardware issue.

The fan might not be running correctly, or it could be faulty. You can try troubleshooting the issue by cleaning the fan or resetting the BIOS, but if the problem persists, you may need to replace the fan.

4. Connection Problem

The fan may not be working because it is not plugged into the correct slot or not plugged in at all. Double-check that the fan is in the right place and its power is ON to fix the problem.

The computer won’t start up if the fan is faultily connected correctly or not connected at all.

This case can happen when people are rushing and don’t take the time to check the connections before they turn on the computer.

5. Circuit Problem

If the fan isn’t working correctly, it may be because of a faulty fan or a problem with the outlet. You’ll need to replace it if the fan is defective.

If the problem is with the power supply, you may be able to repair it.

6. Power Supply Problem (PSU Unit)

The power supply may have failed or may have malfunctioned. This failure can be caused by an insufficient power supply, thermal negligence of the power supply, or by failing to use an adequate power supply.

If the power supply fails, it could cause a loss of power, data, or both. This loss would be a severe problem and must be fixed as soon as possible. The power supply is an integral part of the computer and must work properly.

Case Fan Not Spinning (Proven Fixes)

If your case fan isn’t working properly, then you can try certain fixes to see if it sorts things out for you. Let’s take a look at the various solutions available to help you fix the case fan not spinning error.

1. Restart Your Computer

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If you’re having issues with your case fan, the most common solution is to restart your computer. To do this, you need to power off your computer and wait for 30 seconds.

Start your computer back up and wait for it to finish booting. Once it’s finished, check to see if the fan is working correctly. If it’s still not working, try some of the other solutions in this article.

2. Clean Fan Using Compressed Air

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The best way to clean dirty fans is by using compressed air. You can find compressed air at any store that sells electronics. Make sure to get a brand that is designed for use with electronics, and then follow the directions below:

  • Turn off the computer and open the CPU case.
  • Hold the can at an angle and blow the air on the fan. Blow the air everywhere you think dust might be present.
  • Now close the CPU case and turn on the computer to see if the fan starts spinning.

3. Flash OR Reset BIOS

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If you’re having issues with your fan, one potential solution is to flash your BIOS. Flashing can often fix BIOS problems, such as a bug that stops the fan from working correctly.

You might also want to try resetting your BIOS, which might fix the issue. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Restart your computer.
  • While the PC is restarting, hit the Del button to enter the BIOS setup.
  • On the BIOS screen, click Load BIOS or press F9 to reset BIOS.
  • Click Esc>Save>Exit and press Enter.

Now, the computer will power ON. To do a Hard Reset, disconnect all power cords from the CMOS battery.

Then, press the power switch for around 30 seconds. This reset will clear the CMOS and reset the computer.

4. Examine And Replace The Power Supply

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Often termed as PSU, the Power Supply Unit should be examined properly to ensure that it is working as intended.

Before you proceed with replacing the power supply, make sure you also have a look at the cables and connections to ensure that they’re not damaged.

Sometimes, accumulation of dust and dirt on the PSU can also prevent it from working properly, for which you can consider using compressed air.

In case none of these options seems to be working for you, then get your PSU replaced. Also, make sure you avail warranty if still available.

5. Replace Your Motherboard And Fan

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Your fan might not be spinning even after you’ve tried all the solutions because you have a faulty fan or motherboard.

To fix the overheating problem, you can replace your motherboard. However, if your motherboard is working correctly, but the fan is still not spinning, you may need to replace your fan.

It is also an easy fix if you don’t want to replace your motherboard. This fix won’t require you to turn your computer off and will leave your computer functioning as before.


Does The Computer Casing Fan Always Spin?

The fan on a computer keeps it cool by circulating air. However, the fan is turned off when the computer is in an idle state to conserve energy. Once the computer is no longer in an inactive state, the fan will automatically turn back on.

How To Clean A Computer Fan?

If you want to clean your fan and keep it running correctly, you should remove the fan cover and blow the dust and lint off the blades with compressed air. Do this regularly, and your fan will stay in good condition.

How Many Case Fans Do You Need?

If you want your computer to be kept cool to the best possible degree, you should use two fans for each (2×2). However, if you want your computer to be cooled as perfectly as possible, you should use three fans for each (3×3).

Should CPU Fans Ever Stop Spinning?

A computer’s fans spinning is vital to its function, and if they ever stop, it would be a sign of a problem with the machine. Usually, there should be fans that constantly spin with only brief pauses when the computer is idle.

How Do You Fix A Computer Fan That Will Not Spin?

If the computer fan isn’t spinning, it will need to be analysed to see if it needs replacement. The first step is to remove the old fan and look at the bearings and other moving parts to see if they’re in good condition. If the fan blade is damaged, it will be best to replace it. Replacing a computer fan is an easy process that anyone can do, even if they don’t have much experience. All you need is a new fan and a screwdriver.


Case fans might sometimes stop spinning, which may cause the PC to heat up and shut down unexpectedly. But this problem can be handled and solved efficiently with some proper guidance.

This article has given you all the information you need to fix your case fan, the not spinning problem. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and your case fan will be working correctly.

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